WE LOVE WHAT WE DO.  Supporting our work enables passionate local food growers to earn a living wage.

BIRDS AND THE BEES.  We work with nature to feed you.  Buying a veg box encourages biodiversity, as we only farm using practices that are good for the environment. 

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.  Our healthy, fresh and nutritious produce is locally grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertiliser and is usually harvested the day before we deliver it. 

T’IS THE SEASON.  Our produce is British grown.  Experience the joy of eating with the changing seasons. 

WASTE NOT WANT NOT.  We use minimal packaging, compost any food waste and our short supply chain means your box has a low food mileage.

SEED TO PLATE.  We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible and can track your lettuce to the day the seed was sown and whose hands were in the soil.  

SPREAD GOOD VIBES.  We hope to inspire you to grow and cook seasonal food.  We'll provide recipes and other info relating to our produce.  Keep your eye on our social media for the journey from farm to kitchen. 

THINK BIG!  Through supporting our work, you’ll be playing an active role in addressing some of the bigger picture challenges we face now and in the future.  Small scale, local food systems that adopt sustainable farming methods and fair trading can help adapt to and mitigate environmental change, ensure better food sovereignty and encourage happy, healthy communities. 

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