Roasted Carrots, Chard and Chickpeas

A simple, wholesome midweek supper.

1 Onion sliced

2 Carrots cut into 2cm dice

200g Rainbow Chard

2 cloves garlic crushed

tsp ground cumin

Pinch of fennel and or caraway seeds

Tin of Chickpeas

Coriander chopped

Olive Oil


Salt and Pepper

First separate the chard stalks from the leaves and chop both.

Warm your olive oil in a suitable sized saucepan. Add your chard stalks, carrots, onion, garlic and seasoning. Allow to soften for 10-15mins. Put a lid on if you have one. A little bit of colour is ok here. Let them caramelise and sweeten as they cook. Once this looks happy add your spices and stir into the veg. Things should start to smell good.

Add your chickpeas along with their juice and allow everything to bubble away. Once the liquid has almost reduced add your chopped chard leaves and a good squeeze of lemon. Let the chard wilt a little. It will take place almost instantly, then stir in your chopped coriander. Have a little taste, adjust seasoning then serve.

A dollop of yoghurt would be nice but not essential.,