Courgettes and Lemon, two nice things...

A nice little recipe inspired by the master of simplicity Nigel Slater.

A few courgettes

2 Garlic Cloves

About 3 tbsp Olive oil

Handful of Mint leaves

Handful of Parsley leaves

Sumac (optional)

Juice of a lemon

Salt and Pepper

Cut your courgettes in half lengthways then across into short lengths.

Peel the garlic and roughly chop it.

Warm the olive oil in a suitable sized pan and add the garlic.

Let it sizzle for a bit, and allow your house to smell wonderful. Just before it starts to colour add in your courgettes.

Season with salt and pepper and let them cook in the oil over a moderate heat.

Turn your courgettes occasionally until they are lightly golden and tender. Throw in your herbs and squeeze in a generous amount of lemon juice and sprinkle in some Sumac if you are using.

Give it all a mix to mingle then serve with whatever suits your fancy. Nice on a toasted slice of thick bread or alongside some brown rice for a simple seasonal supper. Enjoy!