A nice thing to do with potatoes

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

The Charlotte Potato wants to be turned in to a Potato Salad. It’s in her nature.

Grab your desired amount of new potatoes. Give them a little scrub, rinse and start them in cold water before bringing to the boil. Then simmer until cooked. While that’s happening finely chop around a quarter of an onion depending on how many pots you’re cooking.

When the potatoes are cooked drain them and allow to steam off slightly. Then whilst warm throw in your onions and dress with a good glug of vinegar and twice as much olive oil, then salt and pepper. White wine, red wine, sherry or apple cider vinegar are your friends here. Any will work.

Have a taste and adjust the and seasoning to your liking. Stir through some herbs if you’ve got any. Mint, Parsley or Dill will all do the trick.

Delicious on its own or alongside many things.